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Do you need a FREE Open source video recorder/player for your website ?

Here you can download it! Try out our Red5 video recorder: a full Flex (flash)video chat with audio and video support made using Open Source RED5 technology and Flash: You do noy need to purchase expensive solution such as Flash Media Server. If you have your own server, deploy the RED5 server side solution, and install our red5 Recorder: You've done it ! You have your own Video recoder solution including Video, Audio, and player... (see more features here)

NEW !!! H264 MPEG4 red5 recporder enabled

What for ? For recording and playing videos directly inside your webiste !

Just Integrate the red5 recodrer inside your website, put the parameters and that's all ! You have a fully customized Free and unilited way to record and play videos inside your website: This is great for job site, dating sites etc... If you do not know how to deploy it, please check out the requirements.

We can do the job for you including configuration, installation: we will give you keys to get your own video red5 recorderfor your website.

Then you are free to change whatever you want: colors, langages, graphical aspects, add more features since you have the FULL documented code source included ready to be used for your website:

Video/Audio red5 recorder finally unleashed for your own website !Get the source code and compile your own webcam chat for your website.

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